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Dinosaur Height Chart Wall Decal

  • Dinosaur Height Chart Wall Decal, Kids wall decals
  • Dinosaur Height Chart Wall Decal, Kids wall decals
  • Dinosaur Height Chart Wall Decal, Kids wall decals
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Dino Height Chart is sized to set above a 4" baseboard.


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Bring the king of prehistoria into your child's bedroom with this Dinosaur Height Chart wall decal. Designed with the dino lover in mind, watch as you child grows from a stegasaurus to a bronosaurus in no time.

-For helpful videos and wall decal installation instructions please visit our How-To page.
-For other general wall decal questions try our FAQ page.

Dinosaur Height Chart Wall Decal comes with:
  -T-Rex base, with height chart and 7 additional dinosaurs
  -Simple Install instructions
  -Application squeegee
  -Free practice wall decals

  -High quality matte vinyl (for a paint like finish) with
   a paint friendly adhesive that won't harm your walls,
   so they stay on the wall until ready to be removed.

NOTE: The Dinosaur Height Chart wall decal is 56" tall and designed to be placed above a 4" baseboard. To line up the height chart correctly on the wall, make sure to measure from the bottom of the baseboard to the 60" mark.

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